By purchasing from Inview Studios, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The product is protected by copyright laws and cannot be sold, altered or distributed in any way without the prior written permission of Inview Studios.
  2. Should any of your product(s) be lost, stolen or damaged during delivery, Inview Studios will replace the missing/damaged product(s) for no additional cost.
  3. Whilst lead times vary from product to product and no specific time frame exists, Inview Studios makes every attempt to have the product delivered within 21 days from receipt of payment. This lead time may increase during public holidays.
  4. Orders will not be processed until all payments have cleared in our accounts.
  5. Inview Studios will only accept returns if a product was damaged during delivery or an incorrect product was shipped. Inview Studios does not accept any other returns or changes of mind.
  6. The customer must make his or her own assessment as to the colour, clarity and cropping of all images before deciding on a product type. Some images may be more suitable for one material than the other.
  7. For all photo-book orders, the customer shall email Inview Studios his or her choice of photos for the book. All landscape photos are printed one per page. The customer is to advise Inview Studios whether portrait images are to be printed one per page or two per page.
  8. Some photographs may have been cropped during the editing phase and as such may only be suitable for certain sizes enlargements. Should you chose a cropped image with an unsuitable size, Inview Studios will email you to confirm size selections.